1960s: New Beginnings

The energy, planning, and hard work of Mrs Willemien Duyker-de-Vries and Frank Duyker-de-Vries during the early years were an inspiration.

In 1962, they started a Montessori Class with eight children at their home in Scarborough. Their child Terry’s adoption led to the need for a Montessori School and the success of Mrs Duyker-de-Vries’ successful business (Bushland Pottery) enabled the purchase of the five-acre bushland block at Struan Heights in Wanneroo.

When the Scarborough class reached its maximum of 15, they spent every weekend for six months building the first classroom in Wanneroo, and it was officially opened by local member Police Minister Craig in November 1963.

This meant travelling each day from Scarborough with the children by car and eventually buying a little school bus to manage the number of children.

Frank liked the location so much that they decided to sell their house in Scarborough, pay off the school land, hire a caravan to live in and find a way of financing a home. In 1965, a loan from the WA Building Society enabled them to build their home.

As children keep growing, and with the six-year-olds needing a primary classroom, a small room was built, and it eventually became an office when it was no longer able to host the 24 children who were now enrolled at the School.

Another loan received from the WA Building Society enabled an extension to the School, this facilitated the growth of the primary section and was designed to allow future expansion for secondary classes.

In 1969, another classroom was needed in anticipation for the School to reach its ultimate size but, as we know, expansion and inspiration didn’t stop there.

Mrs Willemien Duyker-de-Vries, Frank and Terry

1960s – Grand Opening

1960s – Building

1960s – Classroom

1960s – Outside