2010s: Enhancing

From 2010 to 2019, our school experienced many firsts.

We introduced Harmony Day where parents and grandparents were invited to share their culture and heritage with the students, and we also introduced our Annual Scitech Family Night, which is, to this day, a favourite amongst our families. The Montessori Playgroup moved on-site during that time, and we started to offer outside school hours care, which made an enormous difference to many families’ ability to access Montessori education for their children.

In 2012, we celebrated our 50th anniversary and to commemorate the occasion, we buried a time capsule on the school grounds.

Unfortunately, Mrs Duyker passed away in 2014, and to remember her, the School, more precisely, our lower primary students, established a tradition of knitting a blanket and presenting it to the aged care facility where Mrs Duyker lived.

It was during this decade that both Bobbie Beasley and Jane Coffey resigned as co-principals. To fill this enormous gap, Maryanne D’Souza was appointed as principal – after many years of working at the School as a teacher.

Before she left the School at the end of the decade, Maryanne and the Board achieved a five-year re-registration, which was the highest praise and the result of a great deal of work.


It was during this decade that our school got really enthusiastic about digital photography, so there are a lot more images to share with you! To make your experience more enjoyable, we have grouped the photography per year.

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