Passionate. Experienced. Collegial.

Meet our teachers.

Some of our teachers have international experience, some are alumni, and all are Montessori / International Baccalaureate-trained. It’s this diversity and shared commitment that makes our school so collegial and brings our programs such rich experiences.

Ciara Foley

Pre-Primary Teacher

Ria McBennett

Pre-Primary Teacher

Jessica Jackson

Pre-Primary Teacher

Bernice Oellermann

Pre-Primary Teacher

Shanie Do

Education Assistant

Eavan Coughlan

Education Assistant

Kendra Deane

Education Assistant

Audré Mare

Education Assistant

Georgia Williams

Education Assistant

Salwa Guirgis

Lower Primary Teacher

Kate Tottle

Lower Primary Teacher/Program Coordinator

Ian Chapman

Lower Primary Teacher

Sunny Steffanoni

Lower Primary Teacher

Julie Fitzpatrick

Education Assistant

Zoe Judge

Education Assistant

Debra Beach

Education Assistant

Sue Hoolohan

Upper Primary Teacher

Michelle Hayes

Upper Primary Teacher

Anja Reid

Upper Primary/ German/Creative Expression Teacher

Vicky Brown

Upper Primary Teacher

Chantal Mare

Education Assistant

Girija Stewart

Education Assistant

Michael Caldwell

Lower Secondary Advisor

Fiona Corner

English Teacher

Katharina Stillitano

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Coordinator

Diana Schuler

Science/Chemistry/Biology Teacher

Jaromir Kulir

Humanities /Geography /Theory of Knowledge Teacher

Peter Zylstra

International Baccalaureate Art Teacher

Franzi Brauschke

Physical Expression Teacher

Anja Cirkovic

Creative Expression Teacher

Meet our administration staff.

Just as our diverse teaching group defines our unique and inspiring learning experience, our administration team is at the heart of our school community, supporting our teachers, students, and families.

Des Reuben


Queenie Massie

Business Manager

Alison Grondein

Office Manager

Rachelle Edwards


Julie Gravel

Personal Assistant to the Principal/ Marketing Administrator

Felicity Cooper

Administration Officer

Kevin McDonald

Grounds and Building Maintenance Person

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