Fostering Sound Policies

Accountability, transparency, and responsiveness are the pillars of good governance and form the foundation of the policy framework at our school.


Our commitment to good governance is reflected in our school’s constitution. Independent schools, like The Montessori School Kingsley, must have a constitution that serves as a blueprint, outlining the structure, roles, and responsibilities of our governing body. By establishing clear guidelines, we ensure a cohesive and effective management approach.

The Montessori School Kingsley Constitution

Access Our Latest Annual Reports

We are committed to keeping our stakeholders informed about our school’s performance and progress. Below, you will find our latest annual reports, which are distributed annually at our Annual General Meetings (AGM), providing a comprehensive overview of our achievements, challenges, and future plans

Our School Policies

We prioritise good governance by implementing a comprehensive set of policies. These policies serve as guidelines that govern various aspects of our school’s operations and promote a safe and inclusive learning environment. Click on the policy names below to access the full policy documents.

Administration Policies

Health and Safety Policies

Communication Policies

Finance Policies

Teaching Policies