This page was last updated on 29 April 2022.

Keeping you up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 developments.

Our goal is to make sure that our community – students, staff, and families – are safe and informed.

As such, we have developed this page as a repository of pertinent information relating to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

We closely monitor for updates and recommendations pertaining to COVID-19 as our aim is to ensure that we are well-informed and prepared to make sound decisions with regard to health and risk management. Because of the nature of the global pandemic, we continue to develop contingency plans to ensure that, no matter where health regulations and guidelines stand, we are ready and prepared.

Positive COVID-19 Test

If your child tests positive, do not send them to school and advise us via email at COVID Team.

If you or someone in the household tests positive for COVID-19, then your child becomes a close contact and must not go to school – please advise us of their absences via School Stream or via the email above.

Refer to the WA Health Website for information on close contact definition, testing, and isolation requirements.

New Close Contact Definition

Close contact of a positive case is defined as:

  • a household member or intimate partner of a person with COVID-19 who has had contact with them during their infectious period;
  • someone who has had close personal interaction with a person with COVID-19 during their infectious period, where they spent four hours of cumulative contact with them in a residential setting in any 24-hour period where masks have been removed by both people during the period of contact;
  • someone who is informed by WA Health that they are a close contact.

Asymptomatic Close Contacts

Asymptomatic close contacts will no longer have to isolate for seven days, provided they:

  • undertake daily Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT);
  • wear a mask outside the home;
  • avoid high-risk settings, including hospitals, healthcare settings, disability and aged care facilities, and correctional facilities;
  • work from home, where possible; and
  • avoid non-essential gatherings and contact with people at risk of severe illness.

Asymptomatic close contact should notify their employer/educational facility of their close contact status.

Symptomatic Close Contacts

Symptomatic close contacts must isolate until symptoms resolve and get tested as per existing protocols. Refer to the WA Health Website for information on close contact definition, testing, and isolation requirements.

If a close contact tests positive, they must isolate for a further seven days as per arrangements for positive COVID-19 cases.

Positive Result Protocols

Classroom Observations

To help minimise the risk of COVID-19 entering or being transmitted inside the classroom, we are still not offering classroom observations to parents.


Masks are no longer mandatory on school site, including inside the classrooms or buildings.

However, people aged 12 and older (including Year 7s) are required to wear a mask in the following settings:

  • hospitals
  • residential aged care
  • disability services facilities
  • correctional facilities
  • airport
  • public transport
  • rideshare and taxi services

Masks are encouraged where physical distancing isn’t possible.

Vaccination Requirement

All staff working at our school, as well as ancillary workers, and visitors who enter the School on a regular basis are required to meet the vaccination requirements.

Ancillary workers include:

  • School nurses; and
  • third party providers (e.g., tutor groups, incursion providers, persons delivering education programs, sports groups, language classes, etc).

Please note:

  • Parents/carers and visitors who drop off and pick up students are not required to be vaccinated.
  • Parents/carers and community members who visit sites (for events such as musical performances) are not required to be vaccinated.
  • Parents/carers (including prospective parents/carers) who come on School grounds for observations (no more than once per week) are not required to be vaccinated.
  • Parents/carers who are meeting with the staff/teacher/principal on School grounds are not required to be vaccinated.
  • Parents/carers (including prospective parents/carers) who attend a Principal’s Tour or an Open House are not required to be vaccinated.

Parents/carers are required to provide proof of their double dose vaccination and must have their third dose (booster) within one calendar month of becoming eligible or an exemption when:

  • volunteering at the School more than once a week;
  •  working in an unpaid capacity at the School more than once per week;
  • supervising on School excursions;
  • participating in an endorsed program at the School where parent attendance is required;
  • volunteering in the Engagement and Communication Sub-Committee; and
  • volunteering on the School Board.

Ad hoc visitors, meaning people who come on School grounds no more than once per week, are not required to be vaccinated; and these include:

  • tradespersons who do work for the School (no more than once per week).


Students are not required to be vaccinated. The Department of Education encourages parents to get their children five years and older vaccinated. Information on the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines is available at

Proof of Vaccination

There are a few ways you can show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination, both in a digital and paper-based form. The easiest way to show your proof of vaccination evidence is using the ServiceWA app or your digital wallet.

Off-Site Activities

School activities may operate with the ongoing promotion and practise of good hygiene principles and physical distancing of 1.5 metres between adults, where possible. The activities will comply with the mandatory vaccination requirements of the site on which the activities take place and will apply to students as required.

Health and Hygiene

We aim to reduce direct contact, enhance personal hygiene practices, and strengthen cleaning regimes at our school.

Each person has a responsibility to protect themselves and others, and this is achieved through the ongoing promotion of the following good hygiene principles and practices:

  • staff, students and parents/carers must stay home when sick;
  • adults maintain 1.5 metres distance from other adults, where practicable;
  • covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, using a flexed elbow or tissue;
  • disposing of tissues appropriately;
  • washing hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitiser; and
  • avoiding unnecessary physical contact and physical greetings (e.g., handshakes, hugs etc).


We follow the ventilation operating guidelines as approved by the Chief Health Officer, such as:

  • keeping windows and doors open to help fresh air circulate;
  • using air conditioners to provide fresh air and to ventilate rooms before, during, and after school;
  • using fans available in various rooms throughout the School; and
  • using the extractor fans in the toilets – turning them on and keeping them on.

Unwell Student or Staff Member

If a student or staff member shows possible symptoms of COVID-19, they will be sent home and asked to seek testing in accordance with State guidelines. While the student waits to be picked up, they will be given a mask to wear and be isolated from others.

As these are trying times for everyone in the community, we ask that you be respectful to our staff, students, and other parents/carers at our school and we thank you for your cooperation.”

— Des Reuben