Montessori National Curriculum: Recognised as an Alternative National Curriculum Framework

The Montessori National Curriculum (MNC) is officially recognised by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

ACARA’s rigorous evaluation process confirms that the MNC meets the guidelines set by the Australian National Curriculum. It ensures comparable educational outcomes in English, Mathematics, Science, and History up to Year 10.

The recognition extends to crucial subject areas, including English, mathematics, science, and history, ensuring that students following the Montessori National Curriculum will achieve broadly comparable educational outcomes by the end of Year 10. This endorsement from ACARA not only confirms the quality and rigour of our curriculum but also validates its effectiveness in delivering comprehensive education.

This recognition also reinforces the broader international recognition of the Montessori approach and its adaptability to various educational contexts.

All curricula delivered in Western Australian schools have to meet the standards of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCASA). Our planning, assessment, and reporting are shaped by these standards while remaining a faithful implementation of the Montessori method.

What sets the Montessori approach apart is our unique learning methodology and emphasis on hands-on experiences. ACARA recognises the distinctiveness of Montessori education, our comprehensive cosmic education program that spans from the universe to human civilizations and local contexts, and the essential role of Montessori materials and activities in curriculum delivery.



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