Welcome to Montessori’s Great Stories

The Montessori method fosters a love for learning and independence in children from an early age. At the heart of this method are Montessori’s Great Stories – captivating narratives that introduce young learners to the wonders of the world and ignite their curiosity about the universe, life, and human history.

What Are Montessori’s Great Stories?

Montessori’s Great Stories are not just tales; they are carefully crafted narratives that serve as the cornerstone of the Montessori curriculum, engaging students from Lower Primary through Upper Primary.

These stories cover five main areas:

  • The Story of the Coming of the Universe and the Earth: This story takes children on a journey through the creation of the universe, explaining the origins of galaxies, stars, and the Earth itself.
  • The Story the Coming of Life: Children explore the history of life on Earth, from single-celled organisms to the vast diversity of creatures that inhabit our planet.
  • The Story of Human Beings: This story delves into the evolution of humans, our shared history, and the development of culture and civilizations.
  • The Story of Writing and Reading: Children discover the fascinating world of language, symbols, and the power of communication through this narrative.
  • The Story of Numbers: Montessori’s Great Stories even introduce the abstract concept of numbers and mathematics in a way that makes it tangible and exciting for young learners.

Why Great Stories Matter

The Montessori approach is centered on the belief that education should be a journey of self-discovery and that children are naturally curious and eager to explore the world. The Great Stories are carefully chosen to inspire children’s imaginations and instill a sense of wonder about the universe and the interconnectedness of all life.

Explore the World Through Montessori’s Great Stories

  1. The Montessori Story of the Coming of the Universe and the Earth
  2. The Montessori Story of the Coming of Life
  3. The Montessori Story of the Coming of Human Beings
  4. The Montessori Story of Writing
  5. The Montessori Story of Numbers