Celebrated author and illustrator, Gabrielle Wang, weaves stories of heritage and inspiration.

On Wednesday, 23 August 2023, our upper primary students were honoured to host Gabrielle Wang, the esteemed Australian Children’s Laureate (2022-2023). Gabrielle has been an author for 21 years and has had 20 books published.

The classroom was buzzing with excitement as students eagerly awaited the arrival of the acclaimed author and illustrator of historical fiction, known for her captivating blend of Chinese and Western culture in her books.

Gabrielle Wang’s visit began with a mesmerising storytelling session with the students. Then, they listened to Gabrielle’s inspiring journey as an author and illustrator. Gabrielle shared how inspiration can be found in the simplest things and encouraged the students to embrace their creativity.

Throughout the interactive session, Gabrielle emphasised the transformative power of reading and the importance of embracing diverse perspectives. She spoke about her novels, including The Garden of Empress Cassia, The Pearl of Tiger Bay, and A Ghost in My Suitcase, which showcased her unique heritage and experiences.

The students were delighted to learn from Gabrielle’s experiences and felt privileged to have a Children’s Laureate visit their school, and her genuine passion for storytelling left a lasting impression on each young mind present.

Here are some images from the visit:

Michelle, one of our teachers in the Upper Primary Space, expressed her gratitude, stating:

The children really enjoyed Gabrielle’s visit. Her storytelling had them transfixed and inspired them to read, create, and use their imagination.”

You can learn more about the Australian Children Laureate Foundation and hear Gabrielle herself talk about her experience as a writer and an illustrator here.