Please note this event has been cancelled.  

Students may still wear traditional dress to celebrate the day.

The IB year 1 students are currently organizing this year's Harmony Day.  The event is taking place on 23 March starting at 11.30am and finishing at 3.00pm.  Harmony Day is an interactive and educational event to teach students about the unique languages and cultures of other countries.

Parents who would like to participate by setting up a stall with information about their culture would be very welcome.  Parents who are participating would have their own table set up with objects from their country and/or culture that they had brought from home.  They would be presenting to small groups of about 6 – 8 students at a time throughout the event, for about 5 minutes.  Ideas to include in your stall would be things like basic language and numbers, flags, typical food, clothing, cultural items and stores.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the office before 12 March.