Bushland Proactivity

As our bushland is not subjected to natural fires, controlled burns are used to reduce the risk of fire and regenerate the undergrowth.

On coming to school this week, some of our community may have noticed evidence of fire in our school’s bushland. Thankfully, the evidence of fire was the result of a controlled burn that took place on Saturday, 17 September, which was organised through the City of Joondalup.

Controlled burns are conducted every 7 to 10 years in our bushland to reduce the combustible material that accumulates in the bush as a result of the natural shedding of branches, death of trees, and accumulation of undergrowth.

The last controlled burn at our school was completed in 2013. The controlled burn was conducted under the supervision of the Bush Fire Control Office of the City of Wanneroo and volunteer firefighters. The bushland will begin to regenerate immediately, and we will see both native plants and weeds sprouting in the open areas that have been created by the fire.

Here are some images from the day:

Here is a video of the action: