Lower and Upper Primary Excursion to Aegis Woodlake Aged Care Facility on Tuesday 28 August 2018

On Tuesday 28th August, two students each from Upper Primary, two from Lower Primary and two from Lower Primary 2 went on an excursion to Woodlake Aged Care.  Every Tuesday the Aegis Aged Care has a knitting group.  We sat with the knitting group and Ashlee was very brave and told all the ladies about the blanket.  Then Jessie told the ladies that “we donate the blanket in memory of Mrs Duyker, the Founder of our school.’  Then we had juice and biscuits.  The knitting group ladies showed us how to knit teddies, one of the ladies knitted teddy bears to send to poor children in Vietnam.  The aged care was very nice and they showed us the photos of their activities.