Letting his feet do the talking.

Our student population has an array of talented people, some play the piano or the violin, others excel at netball while others have mad cricket skills. One of our students, Blake Levin, has honed his soccer skills and has made it all the way to securing a position on the 2022 Western Australia Futsal Team.

Anyone who knows Blake knows that he lives and breathes football (soccer). At home, his parents only need to follow the sound of the balls being kicked against the walls at home to locate him. He usually rests his feet on a soccer ball while on his computer at home. He will often get up to watch the European leagues playing, and sleepovers are regular with his die-hard soccer mates to watch soccer together.

Blake started Soccer at Sorrento Soccer club in 2018 and stayed there for a year. He then played at Joondalup City for two years (2019-2020) and, last year, decided he wanted to try out for ECU Joondalup, as they are considered by many to be an elite club, and he got accepted into the program.

This year, Blake was selected to play in the u/12 State School Boys team, for which over 130 boys competed for the spots.

Blake will play his second year at ECU Joondalup in 2022 in their u/13 NPL team.

He has had an absolute blast, has made heaps of lifelong friends, and has learnt a lot.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, the competition had to remain within Western Australia and not travel to Queensland, they have travelled to Albany, Margaret River and Geraldton for tournaments.

Blake has also been successful in a position for the 2022 State Futsal Team (indoor soccer) and these tournaments were due to be played in QLD but due to COVID again being unpredictable they will be held local.

Blake loves his sport, and he hopes to incorporate sport into his career because, if he could, he would play soccer 24/7!

His friends are all soccer-mad, he is a great team player and listens and takes on board instructions and guidance given by his sporting coaches.

Blake takes his sport really seriously, so much that we are not allowed to talk to him once we arrive at the ground for matches, he is then 100% focused on playing his best game and listening to the coach.

We are very grateful for the support that so many people have given Blake, obviously they can see his passion and have worked with him to constantly improve his game.” – Barry and Leesa Levin

“Thank you to The Montessori School Kingsley for their flexibility and understanding when Blake has had sporting commitments,” they said.

We wish Blake the best in his future soccer endeavours.