A number of Pre-Primary children were gathering honky nuts recently and one child thought it might be interesting to use the honky nuts as puppets and to make a puppet show for the class. We discussed what making a show might entail such as a theme, script, scene, characters etc. The children came up with the theme ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and they set about writing their script starting with a list of characters and followed this by writing a full script. When the script process was completed, they gathered the right amount of honky nuts needed as characters, painted each one and added sticks to hold them. Over the following week, they coloured and created a scene from the story on cardboard, and finally they practiced the puppet show out on the veranda for a full afternoon. The children then performed the puppet show for the class at story time. They explained to the class what the show would be about, who was performing which parts and who was narrating the show. They completed the performance with a massive applause from the class and some wonderful feedback from the other children. Needless to say, we now have many budding script writers in the class but what a wonderful, natural way to promote purposeful writing and to think, it all started with a honky nut!!