IB Geography Excursion to Perth CBD on Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The students will have the opportunity to link the theoretical knowledge of urban land use (being part of the IB Geography syllabus) to the reality of our city. This excursion will also offer a viable option for the IB Geography Fieldwork

Arrangements are as follows:

  • The students will travel using public transport.
  • We will meet at Whitfords train station at 9.00am near the ticketing machines, not on the platform. We will then travel by train to the CBD.
  • After the excursion we will arrive back at Whitfords station at 2.40pm, where the students will make their own way home.

The students will be accompanied by Jaromir.

Students are required to bring sunscreen, a pen, a notepad, a hat, water and lunch or money for lunch, Smartrider, a camera per group of three and to wear comfortable shoes for walking.

Permission slip need to be returned by Tuesday, 28 March.