Meeting in the Middle (MiM) is a forum for educators working in Montessori Adolescent Programs throughout Australasia.

From Thursday, 18 August to Saturday, 20 August, Montessori adolescent educators from around Australia gathered at our school for the annual MiM Forum.

The inaugural MiM Forum took place in Adelaide back in 2013, and Montessori adolescent educators have been keen to participate every year since – with Montessori schools around Australasia taking turns in hosting the event.

MiM 2022 was the first face-to-face meeting of MIM since 2019 due to the pandemic. As such, all delegates were delighted to reunite and interact in person. During the weekend, many themes were discussed and examined, including:

  • Ideal models for the Montessori Senior programs
  • The farm
  • Microeconomy
  • Creative expressions
  • Pedagogy of place
  • Virtual reality
  • Artificial intelligence
  • As well as a variety of other topics

In addition, this forum gave our lower secondary students the chance to host our guests. They prepared a little gifts for the delegate (marmalade); gave the delegates a tour of our school; delivered a presentation on the Microeconomy Program at our school; cooked all the morning and afternoon teas; and cooked a beautiful lunch for everyone.

The delegates, as well as we, were so impressed by the students’ enthusiam, professionalism, and cooking skils.

At the conclusion of the forum, delegates agreed that it was great to rekindle with the face-to-face connections and all look forward to an even bigger collection of educators gathering for MiM 2023.