Providing valuable support to our families.

We were delighted to offer an online parenting workshop from one of our graduates and former staff, Yaelle Grinberg.

Yaelle started her consulting company – LLCR Parenting Specialist – in Perth and is now a parenting consultant in Melbourne.

Here are more details about Yaelle and her work:



Yaelle presented on a variety of topics, including:

  • Why it matters – parenting for peace
  • Filling up our own cup
  • Understanding early child development
  • Independence in the home
  • Meeting them where they are
  • Tantrums and big emotions – crying in your loving arms
  • Daily rhythm and routine
  • Toddler wisdom – understanding the young child
  • Engaging the energy – activities

In addition, our families had the opportunity to ask questions.

We were so pleased that families and staff attended the workshop and engaged with the content. We look forward to continuing the conversation with our families and continuing to support their Montessori learning and journey.