In a celebration of Montessori education excellence, our school recently had the honour of hosting this year’s prestigious Head-2-Head Event on Thursday, 21 March. The event, which brought together Montessori principals and leaders from across Australia, served as a vital platform for engaging discussions on various Montessori-related leadership topics.

With over 30 esteemed Montessori principals and leaders in attendance, our school buzzed with anticipation as we welcomed these guests. Their enthusiasm was evident as they embarked on a four-day journey, commencing right here in our school, which proudly holds the esteemed honour of being the longest-running Montessori school in Australia.

Our Upper Primary students warmly welcomed our guests to the school, showcasing their leadership skills and embodying the Montessori spirit of Grace and Courtesy. Additionally, our Lower Secondary students demonstrated remarkable generosity by graciously offering the use of their space for the event. To accommodate the gathering, they kindly arranged an excursion for the day, allowing the delegation to use their venue space seamlessly.

Following the opening day at our school, the delegates proceeded to visit Beehive Montessori School, Rockingham Montessori School, and Margaret River Montessori School, further enriching their experience, and fostering collaboration within the Montessori community.

This event not only showcased our school’s commitment to Montessori education but also reinforced our position as a leading Montessori school. As we reflect on the success of the H2H Event, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to host such a prestigious gathering and contribute to the advancement of Montessori education on a national and global scale.