On Monday 15th of October we had the pleasure to welcome Roni Forrest from AISWA to our school. Roni has worked with many schools before creating wonderful sand murals. Children were encouraged to design parts of the sand mural expressing the story of our place.  On the day children were involved in the sensual activity of pouring of the sand which will took place on the lawn between Lower Primary and the Shammai.  

At pickup time the area was opened for parents to view the mural.

In week 3 we have a second activity planned.  Koorlong workshops are run by a group of young indigenous musicians whose aim is for schools to learn about indigenous culture through song. We will enjoy 3 workshops where children will learn songs appropriate for their stage of development, and we will round the day off with combined singing of all students.

More information on the group can be found at https://www.madjitilmoorna.org.au/

Photos can be viewed by following the link  Around The School