We dig rubbish!

This year, our School has successfully gone through the accreditation process and is now a “Waste Wise School”, which means that we have demonstrated our ongoing commitment to waste reduction and waste recovery.

As part of our ongoing commitment to waste reduction, we recently did a waste audit, which is something that we do every year, and uncovered exciting results.

We have had a significant drop in the amount of waste from our school that goes into landfills – 14% of our waste goes into landfill waste, compared to 36% last year – and we are ecstatic about this result!

There is still a lot of work to be done though as we are keen to still reduce our landfill waste.

As such, we are now recycling the following products through different companies, which is great that we can keep these out of landfills.

  • Dental products: toothbrushes/ paste tubes
  • Medicine blister packs
  • Soy sauce fish bottles
  • Spectacles
  • Batteries
  • Mobile phones
  • Pens of all types, as well as correction fluid bottles
  • Plastic lids

Our school community can bring items from the home to our Recycling Centre.

The students have upcycled an old filing cabinet, which we will use to keep our recycling materials and have named our Recycling Centre; it is located outside our Lower Primary 2 Classroom and our families can bring items from their home to be recycled.

Just in case you were not aware, all our classrooms are also recycling soft plastics, food/compost waste for the worms/chickens and compost tumblers.

We are making a difference – one piece of rubbish at a time!