Parents of the school are welcome to attend this free event where the following will be discussed

With the help of ‘ThinkUKnow’ we aim to bridge the knowledge gap between adults and young people so that everyone has an understanding of the roles they play and what they can do if something goes wrong online.

What young people SEE online

    • We talk about challenges such as online grooming, ‘sexting’, cyberbullying and inappropriate content.
    • What you can do to support young people through online challenges.
    • We also explain how to report if something goes wrong.

What young people SAY online

    • What you can do to help support young people understand what they say online can be permanent. We call this our ‘digital shadow’.
    • This includes talking about being respectful online, thinking before you post, knowing what information is okay to share online.

What young people DO online

  • How they use technology to have fun online, such as applications (or apps), websites and social networks.
  • How they can handle their digital shadow, including their privacy and relationships online.

Please note, this is a parent-only event. Thank you.