Where does the money from ‘Rice Day’ go?

Each year, in observation of International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, which occurs on 17 October, our students reflect on poverty around the world – and our students have nicknamed this day ‘Rice Day.’

As part of this process, the students prepare rice with stock for their lunch. This undertaking provokes an opportunity for students and staff to discuss poverty around the world as well as right here in Australia; as such, meaningful age-appropriate conversations are carried out throughout the school.

In addition to being a thought-provoking endeavour, it is also a fundraising exercise as we ask families to donate gold coins to raise money on the day – essentially donating the money they would normally spend on the student’s lunch. We then donate the money to a charity.

As a result of our last ‘Rice Day,’ the School has raised $325, so we have made a donation to Care Gifts, which includes the following:

  • 2 x Goats
  • 2 x Drought-resistant seeds
  • 3 x Chickens
  • 2 x Family veggie gardens
  • 2 x Mosquito nets for first responders

We know our students will love knowing that their contributions have helped families in need.

“Since we have the means to guide the child, it is clear that the formation of [humankind] is in our hands. We have the possibility to form the citizen of the world and the study of the young child is fundamental to the peace and progress of humanity.”

– Dr Maria Montessori