Leaving the School

We understand that sometimes circumstances change and families may decide to leave our school.

We believe it is vital for you to have all of the information ahead of making your decision, so that your transition out of the School can be smooth.

The first step in this process will be to complete our Withdrawal of Enrolment Form:

Withdrawal of Enrolment Form

Withdrawal of Enrolment Form

Please complete this form and the School Office will arrange a time for a meeting with our Principal.

Parent's/Carer's Details #1

Parent's/Carer's Details #2

Student's Details

Are you withdrawing more than one child?

Second Student's Details

Are you withdrawing more than two children?

Third Student's Details

Are you withdrawing more than three children?

Fourth Student's Details

Withdrawal Details

Important Information

Please note that, according to the enrolment agreement between the School and you, if you intend to withdraw your child(ren) from the School, a ‘one term’s notice’ is required (or ten term weeks). If you fail to advise the School a whole term prior to your intention of leaving, the School will charge you one term’s fee in lieu of notice, per student. This amounts to 25% of the annual school fee (including tuition and all other levies).