Contribute to our fundraising efforts.

At our school, fundraising takes on a unique and student-centred approach.

Rather than focusing solely on financial goals, our fundraising efforts aim to foster community connections and empower our students. We believe in the principles of Montessori education, where the child is at the centre of their learning environment.

Fundraising activities are organised through fun-filled events by our dedicated Community Events Volunteer Group, consisting of parents, staff, and the wider Montessori community. These events bring together our students, families, and staff to build relationships and create lasting connections.

While fundraising is not the primary focus, these events, including bake sales, BBQs, and more, allow us to raise funds for various initiatives. The funds generated are used to provide small grants to students of all ages, ensuring they actively participate in decision-making. This child-centred approach empowers our students and enables them to actively shape their educational experience.

Please note that donations made through this form contribute to our fundraising efforts within the school and are not eligible for tax deductions. However, if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, we encourage you to donate to our Library Fund, which supports our school’s academic resources.

Making a Donation to our Fundraising Efforts

Join our community in making a difference through fundraising, where students are at the heart of our efforts, and together we build strong connections and empower future generations.